Meet Bob Dehncke


Jessie & Bob Dehncke

My name is Robert "Bob" Dehncke and I have been a licensed insurance agent for over 25 years. Many people have asked me why I got into the insurance business. My simplest answer is to help people. In life I feel we were put on this earth to accomplish certain “things”, my thing is helping people. I have always enjoyed helping others, so this career and this type of insurance was a natural solution for me. I specialize in Medicare, Individual Health (on and off exchange), MNSure, Prepaid Funeral Insurance, Life Insurance and Annuities. I have assisted thousands of clients with their insurance needs and I hope that I can be of help to you as well.

My wife, Jessica “Jessie” is a full time school teacher in District 196 and has been helping in the business for over 10 years now. While most of her time is spent teaching – she is here to help when needed.

Bob has had many different stops in his insurance journey. Bob started out in the funeral business as a Certified Preplanning Consultant. Bob has worked with several different funeral homes locally and nationally during his 20+ years. From there Bob went on to work for a National Health Insurer in Minnesota before taking a promotion to be the Director of Sales for two companies outside of Minnesota. Because MN is and always will be home, Bob journeyed back and became an independent sales agent.

Most of Bob's time now is in insurance and spent helping people get their health insurance. Whether that is through Medicare, MNSure or directly with the companies. Bob is one of the few insurance agents in the state of Minnesota who has worked for MNSure as well as being an independent agent, so when it comes to knowing the rules and regulations, Bob knows most of the ins and outs of how the MNSure system works.

In the Medicare field Bob is known throughout the industry as a top professional who is often asked to speak to the public about how Medicare works.

As an agency, we currently represent Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, Medica, UCare, HealthPartners, Allina Health-Aetna, Cigna, Centene, Lasso, SilverScript, Delta Dental, Ameritas, Spirit Dental Vision, Denali Dental, Short Term Insurance, IMG Travel Insurance, Guaranteed Trust Life (GTL) and many others. Having multiple carriers to work with gives us the ability to shop around and find you and your family the best solutions to meet your needs.

What separates us from other agent / agencies is our on-going service and follow up with our clients. Whether you live close to the Twin Cities metropolitan or other parts of the state we are here to help you. Currently we have clients in over 70 counties in Minnesota as well as serving many others in states like: Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa, and New Mexico. While we try to make sure everyone is getting the coverage they need when they sign up, the only way to truly help is by continuing to follow up, educate and help make informed decisions year after year. We do this in many forms; via our website, phone conversations, Zoom (video) meetings, seminars and of course in person meetings. As an agency, our goal is to make you feel safe and most importantly for you to know that you are in control of what plan best suits your individual needs.

Bob and Jessie have 3 daughters and one son-in-law. Although the family is ever growing and ever changing, the thrill of what will come next is exciting.